Heritage Learning Academy

2755 Timber Ridge Dr.
Frisco, TX 75034
Tel (972) 335-3335

Where STEAM happens!

Did you know that our curriculum includes STEAM education?  STEAM happens in everything we do on a daily basis. From building with blocks to creating pattern necklaces, STEAM is everywhere.
Imagination Playground!

Imagination Playground transforms any space into a play space that encourages learning, movement, and social interaction.

Where children discover!

Science helps children think about what could happen before they do it. Children want to be the discoverers, the builders and the experimenters.

Where learning is fun!

Dramatic play transports a child to another place and time where activites are fun. Dramatic play engages children while learning and understanding the world they live in.

Where children move! 

Physical activity is good for children's bodies and their minds. Moving helps everyone feel good, and it supports a healthy development. What better way to get exercise than in our indoor gym!

Hands on Learning!

Children learn best by having "hands on" experiences with sensory materials which allows them to investigate while they develop and refine their cognitive, social and emotional, physical and creative skills.

Where Children Play!

Play is the tool young children use to explore the world around them. Play is children at work.