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                            What is STEAM?

is about everyday experiences, like why ice melts, what makes shadows, how plants grow and what they need, where animals live and what they eat, mixing colors, how food changes when baked, understanding the universe, etc.

TECHNOLOGY is just another word for “tools”.  Computers, I-Pads, and SMART Board?  BUT so are rulers, scissors, zippers, crayons, toothbrushes, etc.

is about identifying a problem, thinking about solutions, and trying them out.  For example, building with blocks children learn about gravity and weight bearing loads, balance & foundation support to keep their structure from collapsing. You see it in the Infant B room, the Toddler rooms and the Two-Year Old rooms, not only the preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes.  It is all around us, every day.

is about design, imagination, creativity, expression. Recently added to STEM to create STEAM

is more than counting.  Mathematical thinking includes comparing, sorting, patterning, identifying shapes (geometry).  Language, plays a big part in math, for example, using words like bigger, smaller, higher, lower, farther, closer and first and last.