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Testimonials from happy parents

We couldn't say it any better than the parents who have been with us for years!  Read what they have to say...

Steve and I have nothing but 100% positive things to say and share about your school and his growth. He loved working with all his teachers but speaks very highly of Mrs. Sulakshana. She’s truly a “top notch” Teacher. I love her creativity and passion for what she does. Her guidance, compassion and energy has made a HUGE impact on Braxton personally and academically. We are so grateful for the experiences and will miss everyone.  

- The Colburn's - Frisco Tx

Our three sons (current ages 9 months to 4 ½ years) attend this school and all started in the infant A class. This is an outstanding school that offers the best care, play, and teaching to your children. My children have learned so much and I am proud to see how much they are growing through learning at school. One of my favorite things about this school is that they never forget how important play is for children. They offer many fun activities for the kids: splash days in the summer, Fall/Halloween festival, holiday concert, Easter egg hunt, and many more. The teachers and staff are incredibly trustworthy and kind. They have become an extension of our family over the past 4 years. We love Heritage Learning Academy!

- Robert and Daniela Cox (Frisco, TX)

My son has been attending Heritage Learning Academy since he was 6 months old. He is now 4 years old and is still with some of the same infants he started with. Having a chance to grow and learn with the same children is a blessing for him to have created lasting friendships at school. He typically complains about pick-up and fights to stay longer at school, so I know he enjoys it there. The teachers have all been wonderful staff, my son has never complained about a teacher, EVER. In fact he liked one so much he would joke and mess around with her at 3 years old and come home and tell me about her every day. The administrative staff are always so helpful and accommodating providing excellent customer service! Thank you all for creating a wonderful environment for my child that has given us the peace of mind that our son is safe, loved, and is learning at HLA the foundations to be prepared in Kindergarten.

- The Hightowers - Frisco TX

What do I like about Heritage Learning Academy?  Everything! Topping the list is Teachers, Teachers, Teachers!!!  The teachers are amazing!  Every teacher I have met is kind, caring, patient, smart and incredible with the children.  I am so impressed with their ability to engage a room full of two-year old children!  When I walk in and see the teachers running an activity and all the children are interested and participating, I am simply in awe!  My two-year twins have learned more than I ever thought possible at this age.  They are learning early academics, music, physical coordination and sports basics, manners and the list goes on!  Miss Linzey and Miss Treonne are my idols.  They are just fantastic with the kids and I am SO THANKFUL to have them as partners in raising my children.

I love the play-based learning philosophy that HLA employs.  My kids have FUN all day and come home with more knowledge and skills every day.  I also love that HLA strives for lower than required teacher to student ratios.  That allows more individual attention for each child which is what we all hope for as parents! I also love the outdoor playgrounds and the spacious indoor gym.  The kids have plenty of space to run and play, no matter what the weather does.

Thank you and all of your staff!

- Carrie Johnson - Frisco TX

Caring staff. Clean facility. Excellent experience. Consider yourself fortunate if you can get your child into this school.

- Jeff & Beth Knox - Frisco TX

After staying home with my son for 14 months, it was time for him to begin daycare. We checked around to several places and by the time we walked out of Heritage, we knew it was the place for Drew. We found a sense of genuine care and playfulness that I value in a daycare and that has continued to be the case. Due to my work, I have visited other daycares and it only reaffirms our choice to go with Heritage. The staff is consistent, personable, professional. Most importantly, my son loves it there and I never worry. Very thankful to have found such a wonderful place for my son and for the peace of mind that we get knowing Drew is well taken care of each day! 

- The Johnsons - Frisco TX

I can't say enough about Heritage Learning Academy. Bringing our two boys here was the best decision we made for their early education. My last kiddo will finish PreK in May and I am so sad to think that we will no longer be coming to Heritage every day. My oldest son loved HLA when he attended and was more than prepared for Kindergarten when he started. My younger son loves school and I know is way ahead of what he will be doing in Kindergarten. I personally want to mention three areas:

1. David and Mary -What great ownership. It is so nice to see the owners at the school and involved every day. The school always smells so nice and David and Mary have hearts of gold for our children. They are so accommodating and really do want what's best for kids.

2. Briana - It is so nice to have someone at the front desk who always has a smile, hugs the kids as they leave, and helps in any way possible.

3. PreK teachers Jessica and Salukshana - We have had great teachers at every level, but I want to comment on these two teachers as they have my son currently. He loves school and he loves learning. These two teachers go above and beyond in making their classroom a true learning environment. My son didn't want to leave the other day because he wanted to play with the "weather station" (an I-Pad set up in a cardboard box like a camera and a weather station on the wall). This is just one example of how they teach our kids. Both of them love our kids so much. They are kind, stern, and I have even caught them in full sweat as they are playing with the kids outside or in the gym. If you are looking for a place that is a safe learning environment for your kiddo, but also a place where they will be loved and free to still be a kid. Look no further. Heritage Learning Academy is your choice.

- Brian & Reesa McFarlin - Prosper TX

These are the differences I have seen in Heritage vs. other schools:
-they have a gym, so when the weather is bad the kids still get to move around
-we are greeted with a smile every day, the front office staff is always there and friendly
-students go on educational field trips
-if the office sees a problem with a class, they step in and assist to fix the problem
-they are getting my son ready for kinder, sight words, easy homework once a week and projects that align with the curriculum
-Sparks program that is run correctly

- Katie Rackley

Heritage Learning Academy was like family to us. We have loved every moment at Heritage.  Both of our girls started when they were 12 weeks old and from the moment we arrived we were embraced.  Teacher Dina is amazing and patient and made a new Mom feel so comfortable knowing her baby was with the “Baby Whisperer” as we affectionately called her.  As we grew into each room, we could not imagine better teachers to be with our girls each day.  We have been with most of the teachers at Heritage twice as both our girls are different ages.  Each of the girls have two different personalities and with each classroom, every teacher has loved them, taught them amazing things and made them better people.  We are so blessed to have had Heritage as our partners in parenting and could not imagine anyone else taking care of our girls!  Thank you all for making Heritage a great place.

- Nicole and Ryan Eversman - Frisco TX

HLA has been amazing for us! My son is in Pre-K and has been there since he was a year old. The things he has learned and knows going into Kindergarten is incredible! I also have infant twins at HLA and the love and compassion the infant teachers show towards my babies is heart-warming. Couldn't ask for a better group of people watching over my kids daily!

- The Goodwins - Frisco TX

Ms. Courtney,

I don’t know that we could ever fully express our gratitude for what you’ve given to us, not only through the making of the video, but also what you do for Jackson on a daily basis.  It is very difficult to leave your child with someone else, but knowing your devotion and loving nature toward Jackson makes it bearable each day.  So, thank you so much for that.

We will be able to see Jackson’s day anytime we want, even though we are not with him, and we can’t say thank you enough for that.  Jackson has come a long way this year, socially and academically, and that is a reflection on your exceptional ability as a teacher.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do!  Please know that we appreciate it.

- The Sapp's - Frisco, TX

Our three daughters (ages 2 to 9) have attended this center in all stages – from toddler room, to pre-school, to after school / summer camp.  Across the board, they have received the very best care and guidance, and have truly gained a love of learning. The staff is caring and very involved in their growth and curiosity.  We are very grateful for the staff and management, who have had a big impact on our daughters’ lives!

- Angela Easterwood - Frisco, TX

Just wanted to let you know that today I walked in to pick up Carson and saw a neat little lesson that Ms. Jordan had the kids working on :). It was so fun to see them feed the dinosaur while working on numbers!  They were all engaged and sitting waiting for a turn.  Loved it!!!

- Bryan and Ave Perry - Frisco TX

My son began attending this school when he was 4 months old and has now been there for about a year. I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience there.  Parents can certainly feel nervous about leaving their children with other adults but I have never worried about my son while he was with the caring staff.  We have loved all of the teachers, and the staff has gone above and beyond to make sure my son is happy each and every day.

- Christy Smith - Frisco, TX

We enrolled Evie at the age of 18 months. The growth and knowledge she has gained at school is immeasurable. She was able to write her own name at the age of 3 and she already has excellent math skills at the age of 4. I have seen wonderful science projects and math problems that have impressed me so much. I have friends with children that are in the same age range as Evie who cannot do half of what she is able to do. I want to thank the staff and management for all they have done for us in the education and care of our daughter.

- Dan & Jennifer Gilligan - Frisco, TX

As a working mom, I can testify that balancing career and motherhood has been quite a challenge. Our boys absolutely adore their teachers, and look forward to going to school every single day. In fact, most days it's hard to get them to leave! We are amazed at how quickly they are learning and always surprised at the creativity and energy the teachers and staff put into making the best possible learning (and playing) environment for the kids. I have recommended the center to close friends and will continue to do so!

- Emily Rommel - Frisco, TX

The first time we walked into the center, we knew that it would be the daycare of our choice. The care and love that our girls have received cannot be compared. Our girls have learned so much at school (we don't call it daycare because the school offers so much more). Our youngest could sing the ABC's, recognize (and say) her colors and count to 3 at the age of 18 mos. Our oldest is already starting to read at the age of 4. She loves finding sight words in her books at home! Overall, we have been very happy with this learning center.

- Jon and Kathleen O'Day - Frisco, TX

We have been at this school for 4 1/2 years now. Karsyn's older brother started when he was 10 months old (He's in Kindergarten this year). We have had wonderful teachers in our years here and can't say enough nice things about Karsyn's teacher. She is so kind and patient with her and Karsyn is learning so much in her class. Ms. Stephanie was Cole's last teacher before kindergarten and he loved her sooooo much. I recommend this center to anyone who asks about child care in the area. They are a great group!

- Kendra & Karsyn Rogers - Frisco, TX

Our daughter has attended the center since she was four months old.  At almost three years old now, we’ve seen her grow into an amazing child who has learned so much from school.  The teachers are very caring and take a personal interest in each child.  They have ensured that she plays well with other children (even though she is an only child), and even took the lead in her potty training (what seemed an enormous undertaking!)  The staff turnover has been low, allowing her to form a deep bond with her teachers, which shows in her enthusiasm towards school and learning.  The directors and staff are involved in the daily activities of the children and get to know the families to better support the children.  We are tremendously pleased that we chose this school.

- Kevin & Tracey Knight - Frisco, TX

Thank you so much for all you do!  My kids couldn’t enjoy school more!  I was nervous sending them to school this year after having stayed home with them for two years.  Your school, your teachers, and you have eased every fear I had.  My kids love school days!  Thank you for building a school that has challenged my children and fostered a joy for learning.  I am blown away with the knowledge they have acquired this year!  We appreciate you so much.


- The Koch's - Frisco, TX

After much difficulty with our previous center, we made the decision to move our children to a new school. We immediately fell in love with this school and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for our children. The teachers and staff are wonderful and their dedication to and love for the children are visible. Very refreshing!

- Melissa Barba - Little Elm, TX

Our family has been attending this child care center for nearly four years, and we’ve been very happy there. Our children love the friends they’ve made, and their teachers, and have learned so much! We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

- Naida Calicchio - Frisco, TX

This center has just the right child to teacher ratio so my kids get the nurturing and attention that they need.  The staff has been so welcoming and nurturing to my kids. I’m very pleased with the service we received. Thanks for all you do.

- Narviar Frazier-Hogan - Frisco, TX

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