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Pre Kindergarten (4 - 5 years)

Kindergarten Readiness - Taking the Next Big Step

The primary goal in the PreK class is to ensure our children are exceptionally well-prepared for Kindergarten.  Although children may not be aware of it, they have long been preparing for this next big step.

We know that the learning environment we create here at Heritage Learning Academy enables children to build the educational and social attitudes and characteristics that will support them through the academic years ahead.  When children are cared for, respected and challenged, they build self-confidence, pride in themselves, and a sense of ability and competence.

Heriatge Learning Academy Prescool Class

In this class, we continue to build on children’s intellectual and social development.  As their abilities grow, and we assess readiness, we introduce more complex learning experiences and include in our curriculum basic Kindergarten level material.  We have a strong focus on handwriting, literacy and language, and math.  The children begin simple addition and subtraction and through the learning of “sight words”, begin to demonstrate increased reading abilities.