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Pre-School Programs (3 - 4 years)

There is no doubt that for three year old children this is a time of endless curiosity and wonder.  It is a time when they begin to develop deep interests and strong preferences.  They continue to express their newly found independence and autonomy and we believe that it is our task to support children in all these ways.

Preschool children in Frisco Texas

Our curriculum is developed by Assessment Technology, Inc., (ATI).  They are creators of a nationally recognized curriculum that sets achievement standards and goals for each age group. These goals are informed by empirical research that studies show how children learn and develop. From this perspective, we acknowledge similarities and differences, while appreciating general standards of growth. It sets the stage for the continued cognitive, social/emotional, physical and language maturation of the children in our preschool class.

Guided by our curriculum, our activities are, more specifically, focused on math, literacy, writing, science, creative arts and the social aspects of relating to teachers and other children in the group.  It is our goal to establish an environment of sharing, group interactions and individualized exploration and creativity.  We accomplish this by having a balance between teacher-guided and child-initiated opportunities throughout the day, and, consistent with our philosophy that children learn through play, always within the context of having fun.