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Summer Camp

Where friendships are built and memories are made!

The school year is over and children are looking forward to a summer of fun.  Summer is, however, a time that children continue to grow and develop physically, emotionally, and socially.  And that maturation doesn’t stop just because the school year does.  With that recognition, our Summer Camp program incorporates learning into the summer program but in a different context.  We know that learning can be fun and our scheduled activities reflect that.

Heritage Learning Academy Summer Camp

However, there is a balance between educational activities and giving the space and time for children to choose their own activities during “down time”.  Allowing children choices is an essential aspect of growing into responsible, “choosing” beings and we heartily endorse this philosophy as a core component of our Summer Camp program.  We do not believe that structuring every moment of the day is ultimately beneficial to children.  In fact, we consider it an imperative to give the space and time for children to relax and “just be”.

Following are just some of the activities for summer campers:
•    Field trips 2-3 days per week
•    Beginning Engineering and Coding with Dash and Dot
•    Planning and constructing science projects
•    Weekly Arts and Crafts projects
•    Weekly cooking projects
•    Teacher lead projects that incorporate math learning – but in a fun way
•    Splash day with a water slide
•    Quiet space to read a book.
•    Computers
•    iPads
•    SMART Board activities
•    Construction. Lots of materials provided.
•    Board games
•    Physical Fitness

As many of you may know, the educational literature consistently confirms the fact that many children experience learning loss when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.  Toward that end, we have incorporated, in the schedule, time to stimulate children in reviewing the skills each child has mastered in their current grade and to preview the skills that he or she will learn in their next grade.  All these activities will be individually based on your child’s grade level.  And, you’ll see evidence of this along the way as we think it is important that you be kept informed.  Our goal, though educational, is also to ensure our children have fun, socialization, and relaxation during these summer months.

Many of our summer camp children have been with us for a long time. It is a wonderful experience to see old friendships renewed each year!

2019 Summer Camp Calendar

Click on the video below to learn more about coding with Dash and Dot.