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Toddlers (12 - 24 months)

Growing in Our Programs

They’re walking, they’re curious, they’re excited, they have emerging language, and they love exploring the world around them!  Who are they?  They are our wonderful one-year old Toddlers.

In this class, we continue to provide experiences that build on previous knowledge in an environment where Toddlers are newly challenged and stimulated.  Our focus is on strengthening your child’s growth across the many aspects of cognitive, physical, and emotional and social development.


Consistent with our philosophy of educating the “whole child”, our curriculum inspires learning through structured and non-structured activities.  Throughout the day, our teachers plan and implement activities that keep children interested in learning through play.  Important to this age group, physical movement and sensory experiences are critical aspects of learning.  At this young age, children learn much about their world through their senses and bodies and many activities tap this potential.  There is music and movement, art projects using different sensory mediums and, of course, story time.  As well, there are simple puzzles, building with blocks and dramatic play.  It is through these various play activities that Toddlers engage simultaneously in emerging problem-solving skills and making sense of their world.